What is Chakrasynergy?

A spiritual gift of knowledge from our celestial friends.

Chakra crop circle found May 25, 2009 in Windham Hill, UK.

A colorized artist rendering of the ChakraSynergy

ChakraSynergy is a reproduction a 370 foot long crop circle found sculpted into a field of barley on May 25, 2009 near Windham Hill in the UK. This amazing symbol illustrates the energetic design of the human spiritual being. The symbol clearly illustrates the seven energetic centers of the chakra system divided into three interconnected systems. The upper and lower Yin Yang symbols illustrate the directional movement of the upper and lower chakras. The large ring around the heart chakra including the energetic lines and orbs gives us new information about how the heart receives frequencies from the upper and lower chakras. The large energetic ring is an energetic crucible designed to weigh the matters at hand - expressing the dominant energy from the heart chakra center.

ChakraSynergy – illustrates an energetic mechanism whereby consciousness is able to manage physical structure in a loving way. With understanding, we have dominion over the body, without, we are largely controlled by our lower drives.

The symbol above illustrates a unified mechanism with three rotating energetic centers:

  • Energetic movement of the Lower chakra system is illustrated by the lower Yin Yang symbol.

  • Energetic movement of the Upper chakra system is illustrated by the upper Yin Yang symbol.

  • Heart chakra system is illustrated by the large energetic ring around the heart with attached Yin Yang formed with energetic lines.

  • Center heart chakra shown is larger than other chakras and is the energetic point of expression for the chakra system. It's like a speaker or energetic transmitter.

  • The energetic lines around the heart illustrates the directional movement of bio-energy as the heart constantly bathes the body with a rainbow of energies. This synergistic movement is what generates our aura. We are the color of our consciousness at any given moment.

This drawing illustrates the directional movement of each chakra, and each group of chakras, including the heart chakra. We are the color of our consciousness at any given moment.

Note the interconnection points between the colored heart ring and the upper and lower chakras.

Upon closer examination of the large ring chamber around the heart chakra center, one can see the energetic relationship between the lower chakras and the lower heart chamber, and the upper chakras and the upper heart chamber. This is where our lower instincts for survival, sex, and power meets our higher instincts to speak the truth, see the big picture and commune in oneness. Within this energetic crucible, dual energies are rendered into expression - with the dominant vibration of consciousness being expressed by the center heart chakra. The alchemy of life takes place in the heart.

We are both physical animal and Divine consciousness, both wanting to live and express their nature. For this reason, it is supremely important that we are aware of the inner turmoil that exists within each of us. Without understanding the nature of our Divine mechanism, the power of spirit is diminished and our physical drives for survival, pleasure, and pursuit of power are increased. With understanding, we are able to take dominion over the body and we become at creative cause over our life. This is the future of humankind and our reason for hope. We are made to love and to be loved. We just need to understand our nature from a higher perspective.

We are governed by our dominate force of consciousness; be it of lower consciousness or higher consciousness.

We are “ALL” love incarnate by design

If not for the energetic power of the heart chakra, our primal drive for survival, sex and power would over-take our better reasoning to become an expression of love, peace and harmony. Our larger heart chakra center gives the heart ultimate power over the body. It is by the structure of our design that we are governed by the powerful influence of the heart. By the command of thought or natural instinct the body will respond with the proper amount of energy required for the needed action. By design, we have a capacity for great goodness, to find balance, equilibrium, and a capacity to wreak havoc and murder.

Understanding the heart has been a point of confusion for Milena. This symbol gives us new understanding of the heart and why we behave as we do. This most valuable symbol gives us a model we can use to rebuild the social structures of our world.

As is the microcosm – so is the macrocosm

ChakraKey provides us with Mother Nature’s hierarchy of design. Using her design as a model, we are able to re-craft our social structures to be in alignment with Mother Nature’s highways of living together in Love, Peace and Harmony.

For more on ChakraSynergy see Rick’s video:

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