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In roughly 2 minutes, Rick will take you through an exercise that will allow you to physically feel your subtle energy (spirit essence) in your heart chakra with your hands. This experience is made possible due to phenomena known as “Harmonic Resonance.”

What is Harmonic Resonance?

Harmonic resonance is a phenomenon that occurs when a standing wave frequency comes into contact with an object tuned to the same frequency - causing the object to vibrate sympathetically at a level matching the generated frequency. Due to this natural phenomena, we are able to activate and feel the subtle energy generated by each of our 9 chakras with our hands. There is a technique to feeling each of the chakras that Rick illustrates in his video - 2 Minute Spirit Test. There are many examples of harmonic resonance occurring in our world.

  • If there are two guitars in a room tuned the same, you can pluck a string on one guitar and the same string on the second guitar will begin vibrating sympathetic in resonance to the string being played.
  • If you have ever been to a clock shop you will notice that all of the clocks tick together and the pendulums swing at the same rate.
  • In an auditorium, heart beats synchronize together.
  • Ever been in a room with a crying baby? Need I say more?

Harmonic Resonance and Chakras

Due to a phenomenon known as harmonic resonance, we can feel each of our 9 major chakras with our hands, when we are in the presence of the specific frequency. There is a process involved in how you hold your hands but it's quite simple, and remarkable to experience. The Chakra "Key" tones provide us with the specific frequency for each chakra. For more information: The reality is, our body is an instrument and the chakras are the strings. Our strings are not physical strings such as on a guitar, but energetic centers of consciousness within our body tuned to a specific frequency. When we are in the presence of a specific frequency tuned to one of our chakras, one can feel the vibration forces with the hands.

For Example: when you play the frequency of 432hz, 216hz, or 108hz, (these are the same frequencies played in different octaves) you will naturally activate the Root chakra to a point of which one can feel the physical sensation of the chakra with your hands. I demonstrate this in the 2 minute Spirit Test.

Keep in mind – by feeling your chakras, you are feeling your spirit essence - this is the part of you that never dies. This is the real you. For the first time in the history of man, we have scientific proof that we are spirit-beings with bodies. You can test the chakraKey frequencies yourself using a third party frequency generator. Go to Play the frequencies shown on this website and follow the directions to personally know that you are more than the body. "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." Jesus
If you.

We are spirit beings with bodies.

Click Here: ChakraKey Frequencies and Correlations

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