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About the Author – Rick Ireton

Rick Ireton is an author, visionary, and spiritual teacher whose work integrates Eastern wisdom of the chakra system, with the menorah of Jewish tradition, and a crop circle found sculpted into a field of barley in the UK. Together the three symbols form ChakraKey, a symbolic visual-aid illustrating the energetic design of the human spiritual being. By combining this revelation with the color spectrum and associated frequencies, he points us to a profound new understanding of our human spiritual nature.

His fresh perspective provides us with new revelations into love and how to apply this wisdom into our daily life. His passion is to bring humanity to a greater understanding of who we are as a family of human spiritual beings, that we might live together in Love, Peace, and Freedom. Rick founded the Love, Peace, and Freedom Foundation in 2010 as a means for expanding the consciousness of Love and ending the cycle of suffering in the world.

Rick is a graduate of San Bernardino Valley College, a father, brother, and friend of humanity. For the past 25 years, Rick served as Vice President of MGN Online in Cardiff, CA. Always a visionary, his early inventions of wave machines, brake systems for skateboards, and wave sculptures made national headlines. Rick lives in Del Mar, CA.

We Grow in Love, as we grow in consciousness. Thank you for supporting the educational programs that we might grow in Love, Peace & Freedom.

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