Toning the Chakras

ChakraKey Presents

A Revolutionary New Process for

Toning Your Chakras

Watch, listen and energize your body by singing the ChakraKey Tones.

Instructions for Toning Your Chakras

  • 1. Create quite area to complete the exercise.

  • 2. Give yourself some time to quite your mind.

  • 3. Stand up if possible to watch the monitor and listen to the tones.

  • 4. Take several deep breaths to energize your body.

  • 5. Play ChakraKey Toning Video. The video will present each chakra frequency and color for 9 seconds as a scale of music. Familiarize yourself with each chakra tone / frequency and color. Frequency = Color

  • 6. Adjust speaker volume to be as loud as your speaking voice.

  • 7. As you listen to each tone, sing-match your voice to each frequency while saying the corresponding vowel sound until it comes into a “harmonic resonance” with the tone.

Vowel Sounds -

  • Root – Ay - Way

  • Sacral – Ee - Me

  • Solar Plexus –Uuh - Cup

  • Lower Heart – Eu - You

  • Center Heart - Eu - You

  • Upper Heart – Eu - You

  • Throat – Oh - Go

  • Brow – Ah - Mah

  • Crown – Iing -ring

8. To feel energy from the chakra, place your hands 3 – 8 in front of the chakra as the tone is being played. For more instructions on this, see Rick’s video:

Experiencing the Chakras. Feeling Your Soul Essence.

Through the drama and trauma of life, our chakras can become energetically diminished and out of harmony with their natural resonance. The tones and associated colors presented in the ChakraKey Toning videos will help you to self-tune or “tone” your chakras to their natural resonance.

Your body is an instrument and the chakras are the strings. The toning process will help to tune your inner strings, restoring vital energy to your organs and throughout your body.

Play these healing tones often to bathe your body in its natural healing energies.

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