What is the ChakraKey

ChakraKey is a symbolic, visual-aid composed of three ancient symbols,that when combined, provide us with a comprehensive blueprint illustrating the energetic designand operation of the human chakra system.

ChakraKey brings to light, the reality of our human spiritual existence.

As we have a physical anatomy that we can see, and feel, we have a spiritual anatomy / quantum field of energy that overlays our physical body.

Our spiritual body is composed of seven primary energetic centers known as chakras,as shown above. Each center operates at a specific frequency / color and exists to manage a specific aspect of our life.

  • Red, Root Chakra: manages our natural instincts and drive for survival
  • Orange, Sacral Chakra: manages our desire for sex, reproduction, pursuit of pleasure
  • Yellow, Solar Plexus Chakra: manages our drive for personal power
  • Green, Heart Chakra Center: manages our emotions and the upper and lower chakras – expressing our dominate drive.
  • Blue, Throat Chakra: manages our desire to speak the truth and communicate
  • Purple, Brow Chakra: Our command center manages our ability to see within, see without, and to perceive
  • Violet, Crown Chakra: Our Spiritual antenna, allows us to commune with the Divine

ChakraKey expands our understanding of the chakra system with symbolic information detailing theinterconnections between the chakras, illustrating an energetic mechanism designed to help us bring the issues of life into the frequencies of love.

ChakraKey – reveals how we are engineered to LOVE!

The symbols below provide us with amazing new information about the energetic design and operation of the human spiritual being.

Chakra system is represented by the colored orbs positioned on the person sitting. The colored orbs are a manifestation of the frequencies generated by each chakra.

Menorah of Jewish tradition –Maps the inter-relationships of the chakra system, showing us how higher consciousness, governs lower consciousness in a loving way.

Turn the Key to solve the mystery. Branches of the menorah transform into a map when turned sideways and placed adjacent to the chakra system. The branchesillustrate the counter-balancing features of our energetic system. More

Chakra Crop Circle, 370 feet long, found sculpted into a field of barleyin the UK in 2009

Crop Circle Chakra: A Gift of Cosmic Proportions!

ChakraCrop Circle “ChakraSynergy” colorized and positioned over a person sitting, illustrates the energetic design and operation of the chakra system. More

ChakraKey provides us with a framework and formula we can use to bring greater love, and higher consciousness into our life.

Each chakra center is very powerful, especially our lower physical chakras. While living on Earth, most of our attention goes to our lower chakras.

Recognizing the need for balance – our creator hardwired each of our lower chakras to an upper chakra. The menorah illustrates these most important inter-connections.

Why is the ChakraKey important to us?

ChakraKey provides us with a framework and formula we can use to:

  • bring our life into alignment with the energies of love
  • manage the issues we face in life in a loving way.
  • understand ourself as a family of human spiritual beings, here for the cause of love.
  • redesign our government and social structures to meet the physical needs of our human family
  • bring a loving resolve to the many issues we face in life

ChakraKey brings a framework and formula of higher consciousness into our world that we can apply to our life, our communities, our government, and social structures.

Life is an inside game! It’s all about what you know…

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