ChakraKey Introduction

What is the ChakraKey?

ChakraKey is a symbolic visual aid composed of 3 symbols that together produce a blueprint illustrating the bio-energetic design and operation of the human chakra system. As we have a physical body and physical anatomy, we have a bio-energy body and a bio energy anatomy. Our bio-energy body is composed of 7 bio energetic centers / chakras as shown on the person sitting (shown below). In addition to the 7 chakras that "sing" there are 2 additional chakra centers located within the outer ring of the heart chakra. These chakras are designed to attract energies from the upper and lower chakras to be processed and released as a conscious of the center heart chakra. All together, there are 9 primary chakras that we can feel and experience as “energetic centers of consciousness.”

ChakraKey reveals an historic discovery about who we are as a family of human spiritual beings that we can experience to be true.

For the first time in human history, we have science-based information about our human spiritual design that allows us to self-realize our human spiritual nature. It’s through understanding our human spiritual design that we find the “path” of our human spiritual evolution.

ChakraKey is composed of three ancient symbols:

The Seven Chakra System is represented by the person sitting with chakras colorized. The colored orbs illustrate the general location of each chakra. 

Seven Branch Menorah – The Divine Pattern

The menorah design “shown” was given to Moses by God, as described in the book of Exodus.

Turn the Key to solve the mystery!

The menorah transforms into a wire diagram illustrating the inter-connections between the upper and lower chakras and the heart chakra, when turned sideways and placed adjacent the chakra system. For more see: Secrets of the Menorah Revealed

Chakra Crop Circle - A Gift from our Celestial Friends

This 370-foot-long crop circle was found sculpted into a field of barley in the UK, in 2009. This symbol gives us new information about our chakra system and the reason for hope. It clearly illustrates that we are made to LOVE!


Chakra Crop Circle colorized and positioned over a person sitting, illustrates the energetic design and operation of the chakra system. For more: See Rick’s video: ChakraSynergy


ChakraKey – A Key for Humanity

A composition of 3 spiritual symbols that together reveal the secrets of our human spiritual design.

For more see: ChakraKey – Symbolic Guidance for Personal Evolution”


We are light beings in physical flesh.

As we have a physical body and physical anatomy we can see, we have a spiritual body and spiritual anatomy that we cannot see, but we can sense and feel.

ChakraKey provides us with symbolic imagery and ancient wisdom that enables us to understand our energetic design and spiritual nature. It’s through understanding the whole of our human spiritual mechanism, that we are able to transform our life, make better decisions, and evolve into an ever-expanding creative force for the cause of love.

ChakraKey connects-the-dots illustrating how we are a spectrum of color and frequency we can experience as levels of consciousness.

Self-knowledge leads to self-control, self-mastery, self-realization and enlightenment.

Note: The symbols shown above were not produced by Rick, other than turning the menorah sideways, labelling the candles, colorizing the chakra crop circle, and adding the heart at its center. Rick confirms finding these symbols individually, noting their energetic connections, and then compiling them into a composite symbol known as the ChakraKey. The information contained herein is based upon his study of the chakra system, the symbols, and his interpretation of what the symbols tell us.

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