Chakra Frequency Analysis

Table: 1- The Body is an Instrument, and The Chakras are the Strings.

The Table below indicates the precise Frequency for each chakra. Frequencies can be generated precisely using an Online tone Generator. Example: A precise frequency is required to activate a chakra to a point of being able to feel it in your body or with your hands. (See 2 Minute Spirit Test for a Demonstration)

Octave: In music, an octave or perfect octave is the interval between one musical pitch and another with double its frequency. The octave relationship is a natural phenomenon that has been referred to as the "basic miracle of music", the use of which is "common in most musical systems". Wikipedia

Table: 2- Math Reveals the Harmonies Between the Chakras

Column 3 equals the frequency of each chakra divided by 8Hz – Schuman resonance (heart beat of the Earth)
Column 4 indicates the number of Hz between the chakras once divided.
Column 5 indicates the number of beats per measure. Note the solar plexus and upper heart chakra receive one half beat.

Table: 3- Illustrates the number of Hertz (Hz) between the chakras

The table below illustrates the ratio of frequencies between each of the chakras. Note the number of frequencies between the solar plexus and the heart is one half the frequencies of those between the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra. Likewise, the frequencies between the upper heart chakra and the heart chakra is one half the frequencies between the upper heart and the throat chakra. By reducing the number of frequencies between the chakras, a pulse of energy is created from one chakra to another. This would effectively bring energies from the lower chakras into the lower heart chakra, and energies from the upper chakra into the heart chakra center.

Table: 4- Illustrates the Matching Number of Frequencies in theUpper and Lower Chakras.

As above, so below

Table: 5- Illustrates the Natural Harmonies Between the Upper and Lower Chakras

The table below illustrates the energetic harmony between pairs of upper and lower system of chakras.


1. Chakra frequencies presentedherein are the result of extensive testing of various frequencies for each chakra by Rick Ireton, Jan Spiller, and friends. The associated math is provided as supplemental information.

2. Participantswere provided with a technique for being able to “feel” subtle energies from each chakra with their hands while in the presence of specific frequencies.

3. Chakra activation is due to a phenomenon known as harmonic resonance. See 2 Minute Spirit Test

4. Frequencies in the chakra system can be precisely measured in Hz and seen as colors within the color spectrum.

5. Chakra frequencies present within the human chakra system illustrates an engineered system of designed, by a master creator.

6. Frequencies within the chakra parings are designed to naturally work together and with the heart chakra.

7. The upper and lower chakra system is energetically designed to operate in perfect harmony.

8. The Chakra System is an ascending and descending scale of frequency we can see as a spectrum of color, beginning with the red root chakra and ascending to the violet crown chakra, then descending from the crown chakra to the root chakra, then repeat.

9. While there are 9 measurable chakras, only 7 of them beat. The upper and lower heart chakras are designed to receive frequency from the upper and lower chakras, process the information and then express a measured response from the center heart chakra.

10. Chakras are alternately Yang and Yin energy beginning with the root chakra

11. Chakra frequencies can be identified by a variety of testing including muscle testing.

12. Toning the chakras through frequency emersion may be a useful way to heal organs, maintain and grow vital energy throughout the energy body.

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